No Glue? Use a safety pin…

From @MiseAine on twitter another way to help you wear a white button!

Chuir mé biorán dúnta ar mo ‪@AWhiteButton‬ le go mbeidh mé in ann é a bhogadh go héasca, ó lá go lá, ó éadach go héadach ‪@maireadhen‬ #CnaipeOn #MagdaleneLaundries #WhiteButton #CnaipeBán

In case your Irish isn’t as good as mine (just joking – I got a lot of help from google) Áine says she put her white button on a safety-pin to move it easily from day to day!512C97B1-BB9D-4758-8889-43C9B52DC59E

Would love to see your White Button pictures… the twitter and facebook links are on the home page or if that’s not your thing send me a message via the contact page.

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